Hacks Mods & Misc
By: AlphA

Hacks Mods & Misc List

My electronic projects

C64 AlphA_MOD. Featured on Hack-A-Day!
How I make small circuits without a PCB.Featured on Hack-A-Day!
Steel Battalion mega mods! Featured on Hack-A-Day!
MindFlex Teardown - A look inside the MindFlex Featured on Hack-A-Day!
Shruthi-1 build and modified.
mini C64 (DTV) from RadioShack Hummer game.
CVS 'One-Time Use' camcorder swappable lens mod
JuicBox Hack
TV 2 oscilloscope mod
Xbox NTSC 2 COMPONENT cable mod
FM Transmitter mod
PAIA FAtMan 303 mods (single OP-AMP swooth to variable pulse width, 303 filter decay and cutoff frequency gimmic, resonance and VCF/VCA accent tweak, per note portamento without envelope retrig and accents!)
online TB-303 pattern chart creator
PAIA FatMan AcidBox mod
Steel Battalion controller: GEAR LEAVER - Adjusting Resistance
Steel Battalion controller: BUTTONS - COSMETIC MOD
Xbox: usb - nonproprietary PORTS.
Steel Battalion controller: HEADSET - External Module
Cockpit style controls
CVS 'One-Time Use' Camcorder mods
CVS 'One-Time Use' camera mods
JuiceBox Image Converter for Amiga!
9v ghetto dremmel
On The Fly MIDI sequencing software for the Commodore Amiga
Knightrider and fading base light case mods.
RF receiver mod
DR-110 sync mod (and everybody said it couldn't be done.) One of my first mods!
Ghetto X' Over Cable
Protective case for I-Sobot
IPVideo network video server hack
Quick, easy and cheap gadget makes unused USB ports blink.
WristCam Viewer (my first attempt at PHP)
Plasma clouds! (All you need is a grape and a microwave)
Battletech Firestorm POD setup at home! (gather all of your flightsticks, pedals and thrusters and fire up your ol' MechWarrior 4; We're making a simulator of a simulator!)
SoundMaster MemoryRhythm SR-88 sync mod (trigger input)
MC-202 303 style accents mod
Web Cam to Infrared Cam (see in complete darkness, see through certain materials)
AlphA-QRS 1.5rev-e = Roland DIN Sync quantized run-stop, 303 random pattern generator, 202 loop lock [8/16], trigger out and more (my own from scratch design)
My M.U.G.E.N. Work. Not really a hack or a mod. Mugen just rules!
Take a look inside the MindFlex
Robotic projects!
... a lot more to come. I will also continue to dig up more of my older stuff.